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Your relaxing time would become enjoyable than ever!

With professional service and a truly unique experience, Luxury Nails & Spa offers pampering and enjoyment that is unique in the Bluegrass. This full-service nail salon offers attentive care and beautiful work.

Licensed professionals handle customer's requests with skill and artistry. Luxury Nails & Spa is special for its unique and beautiful manicures, ranging from simple and elegant French style to intricate and amazing detail designs. Using quality products, including OPI polish, Luxury Nails & Spa offers beautiful manicures and pedicure unlike any other.

Health and safety of customers is a top priority at Luxury Nails & Spa. State- of-the- art equipment and sanitized tools keep each service sage and sanitary for clients. The relaxing and friendly enviroment of Luxury Nails & Spa provides comfort alongside safety.

With a comfortable setting and a dedicated staff, Luxury Nails & Spa provides special care to make each customer feel special and appreciated. Luxury Nails & Spa offers a range of services to suit virtually any client

  • For everyday care, try this manicure to keep you nails healthy. Includes a nail trim, shape, buff, cuticle trim, massage, & polish, for a lovely appearance…

  • This pampering treatment relieves stress while soothing and cooling your tired feet. Sit back & enjoy the relaxing massage of our spa pedicure chair…

  • We pamper you with extra massages of the hands and feet. Followed by sea salt, callus remove & scrub for exfoliation & rejuvenation to make skin smooth…

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